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Student Activities

Suture Workshop July 2012 – Students participating in a suture workshop led by Dr Derrick Adendorff.


EdWISE August 2012 – Medical and nursing staff and students participated in the EdWISE emergency paediatric module. EdWise  is a web and video based innovative simulation program that uses  practical hands-on simulation, skills training and mentoring. Topics covered included the initial assessment and management of children, triage and airway management.


The cultural walk program is presented by Arakwal Aboriginal guides. The students have the opportunity to join traditional owners in art, dance and ceremonies and learn about the significance of the land and sea. Comments from students include the following:

“The cultural walk enhanced my understanding of Aboriginal Mythology by the interaction and communication of the leader”

 “It was good to hear about the Aboriginal spirituality from a first-hand source”

 “I learnt how to approach Aboriginal patients and understand their beliefs and point of view”

 “It is always useful to have an understanding of patient values and cultures”




Clinical Skills are run weekly at the UCRH. Students learn and gain hands on experience for various skills through workshops focusing on skills such as suturing, catheterisation, trauma scenarios and plastering. The workshops are led by various professionals in each field.