Rural Immersion for Pharmacy Students

Rural Immersion for Pharmacy Students

Last week saw 20 pharmacy students from UTS and Griffith universities practicing their communication skills at Woodenbong Central school. The pharmacy students were divided into 3 groups, and all groups engaged the students in discussions on careers in health and attending university. One group delivered a presentation and activities to K-2 class on “Staying Healthy” including messages on healthy food, being sun safe and sleep. The second group ran first aid activities, including managing snake bites, bleeding and recovery position for Year 3-4. The third group engaged Year 5-6 in health implications of tobacco use. Their lung discovery activities included cornflour, sponges, straw breathing games and deconstructing Bob, the mannequin.

Classroom activities were followed by giving out the 100 salad rolls the pharmacy students had prepared that morning and playing with the children in the playground.

The pharmacy students overnighted at the beautiful Dairy Flat farm and were delighted by their experiences of milking cows, feeding calves and piglets and collecting the morning eggs. They wondered at the stars but were somewhat challenged by the lack of internet and phone reception.


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