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To apply for a placement at the UCRH you will need to complete an application.

This is a separate application to the placement arranged by your University Co-ordinator and regardless of your Clin Connect status.

The details provide personal and placement information, help us to arrange the logistics of your arrival, allow access to IT in your accommodation and in the hospital setting, hospital security access, accommodation and any rostering requirements.

Many students will be verified compliant in the ClinConnect system.

If you have been fully verified in ClinConnect, please indicate your ClinConnect compliance on the form in the tickbox provided and you will not need to upload your vaccination documents or Police check.

If you are NOT verified in Clin Connect - you will need to upload your documents so we can send them off to the Infection Control Unit for assessment - this documentation is required 4 weeks prior to placement. Late submissions will result in cancellation of your placement. You will need to upload your Police check and BRING THE ORIGINAL TO PLACEMENT ON YOUR FIRST DAY.


The application is a 3-step process and you need to complete each step before progressing:


  1. Set up your username and password and build your profile
  2. Upload all your documents (Completed vaccination forms, certificates, records and ID cards)
  3. Apply for your placement and accommodation


Please note that completion of the mentioned forms are a requirement of NSW Health.

Incomplete applications are not assessed for placement availability until all required documentation is received.

Your placement is only confirmed once we assess your application.

If you have requested accommodation, it is important to note that the availability of accommodation at Lismore is limited.  UCRH houses cannot be guaranteed, additional accommodation has been acquired at Wilson College located approx. 800 m from our campus. Students may also be allocated to our new Ballina accommodation complex where appropriate. Regrettably we cannot guarantee accommodation can be provided for all students. We are endeavouring to source further funding to build new facilities.  


Grafton accommodation: If required please contact the Accommodation Centre Supervisor at or 0266418411 to organise and confirm accommodation booking.


Documents to be uploaded to the Compliance section:


  1. Vaccination and Serology Records (For more information see NSW Health Website)
    • Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis
    • Hepatitus B
    • Measles, Mumps, Rubella
    • Varicella
  2. Clear, passport-sized photo of head and shoulders
  3. National, State/Territory Police check (current AFP certificate)
  4. University student ID Card;
  5. Completed Tuberculosis Assessment Form
  6. Completed Student Undertaking/Declaration (form 3)
  7. Completed Hand Hygiene certificate (do the online tutorial and upload the certificate you receive upon completion)
  8. Completed Code of Conduct



Further Information

For further information relating to your potential placement please download the attachment associated with the geographical area you are interested in or email the student placement team  via link below.