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Pharmacy Student Placements

Placement Opportunities


The Northern Rivers University Centre of Rural Health (UCRH) offers varied, exciting and challenging placement opportunities. We encourage placements of a minimum 4 weeks so that students can be immersed in rural life and can engage in our full placement program.


A typical 6 week placement consists of 2 weeks of hospital pharmacy, 2 weeks of community pharmacy and 2 weeks of multi-disciplinary and cultural experiences. Eight week placements may also include health promotion, QUM projects, consultant pharmacy and aged care.


All placements are organised depending on availability and may be subject to change or vary slightly from information below.



Hospital: We have a variety of hospitals where students can be placed. These include large public hospitals, smaller public hospitals run by GPs, and rural MultiPurpose centres. We also have an APHS pharmacy which compounds oncology products in our region.


Students may have the option of 1 of the following:


Hospital Placement 1: Lismore Base Hospital (LBH).


Students undertake a structured program which incorporates dispensing, ward rounds, QUM projects and presentations to staff. LBH has specialist cardiovascular and renal pharmacists.


Hospital Placement 2: Murwillumbah, Mullumbimby and Byron Bay hospitals.


Students are based in Murwillumbah, where  they are attached to a pharmacist at Murwilumbah Base hospital pharmacy for 3 days/week. This preceptor also takes the students to Mullumbimby and Byron Bay hospitals the other 2 days, where he provides visiting pharmacy services.


Hospital Placement 3: Grafton Hospital

Students are based in Grafton where they become part of the team providing services to this very busy base hospital.


Hospital Placement 4: Casino Hospital, Outreach hospitals & APHS Oncology

Students visit a number of small GP run hospitals in rural towns. They also spend time at the APHS pharmacy based at St Vincents’ Private hospital in Lismore, which has sterile room facilities and provides oncology products throughout the region.




Community:  There are a variety of community pharmacies in the region which take students. Some are based in large regional centres whilst others are in small rural villages. There are some pharmacies which specialise in compounding, surgical supplies, aged care and clinical services.


Multi-Disciplinary Opportunities: Pharmacy students are invited to attend medical student educational and social events. When possible pharmacy students are housed with students from other health disciplines. Two to three times a year the UCRH runs Inter-Professional Learning Workshops.


Inter-professional Learning Workshops


Pharmacy students are placed in teams with a medical, nursing and allied health students. Each team is allocated a hospital patient. Each team follows the patient journey and designs a patient management plan. Students find this workshop fun, rewarding and educational. The workshop breaks down barriers between the professions and teaches patient centred team care.


Multi-Disciplinary Placements.


Whilst on placement most students located in Lismore have the opportunity to:


-          Spend a day with the doctors at Riverlands Drug and Alcohol unit. This is one of the students’ favourite days whilst on placement

-          Spend a day at SCU Natural Medicines clinic where naturopathy students display holistic care and motivational interviewing


Some students get the opportunity to


-          Spend a day with a Diabetic Educator

-          Spend a day with an Aboriginal Health Worker


Aboriginal Cultural Experiences


Pharmacy students may get to:


-          Attend the Byron Bay cultural walk

-          Attend a facilitated Film evening and discussion

-          Attend Dairy Flat farm and have visits from Aboriginal elders

-          Present a health promotion activity to Woodenbong school

-          Attend a Diabetes Outreach clinic

-          Visit an Aboriginal community

-          Attend a NAIDOC week celebration or Ballina Deadly Day




Students are housed in accommodation owned by the UCRH or in hospital accommodation – see UCRH website for more details. The UCRH has accommodation in Lismore, Ballina, Grafton and Murwillumbah.


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