Improving our ageing societies

Improving our ageing societies

Dr Sabrina Pit has been appointed by Standards Australia to the International Standards Organisation Strategic Advisory Group Ageing Societies to represent Australia. A variety of countries are involved such as Japan, South Korea, US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Bangladesh, The Netherlands and Singapore. Productive ageing, finance and urban design are examples of our global challenges. Dr Pit attended the 1st meeting in London 24 October 2016 to identify the challenges and opportunities that are faced by our ageing population. The seven overall categories identified were:

  1. Community Care Service/In-home
  2. Technology – Enabling & Assisting
  3. Care Giving
  4. Integrated Information Management
  5. Future Planning
  6. Enabling Communities
  7. Building Standards

We still need to change our mindset that ageing can be positive rather than negative and does not have to be associated with decline.  The next step for each country will be to carry out a gap analysis of existing national, regional and international standards and guidelines to identify where knowledge already exists in the priority areas.

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